About Us

e-MT7 is a global outsourcing company that specializes in Medical Transcription.

Our service is set for offshore medical practitioners and those in any related field who may require medical transcription service.

e-MT7 is headed by doctors, nurses and therapists who gained interest in the medical transcription service. Apart from the training and expertise in our respective medical fields, we are equipped with formal and non-formal training in medical transcription including critical thinking and research. The men and women of e-MT7 have devoted sufficient time and effort to keep abreast with the medical and non-medical requirements of the medical transcription service (HIPAA and IT Management). We have aligned ourselves with the templates of internationally accredited medical transcription educators.

In the forefront of this medical transcription service is not an information technology industry but a reliable personal partner in your medical practice.

Core Values

We continuously learn and develop the system in accordance with our clients. This is the hand-in-glove approach.
We uphold the highest professionalism and competency.
We uphold integrity and trustworthiness. It is important that we remain faithful and devoted to the institution that we belong to and to the people we serve.
We uphold exemplary standards in global service. The standards we live by and the service we give will be our show window to the world.
We assure you that you are


Nothing could be more important than